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We are a locally small family based company and all of our products are hand made by us.

Being a father to a daughter I had little to no knowledge about hair other than what I was told. Raising my daughter made me more attentive to different hair types and how to manage those types.


My daughter was blessed with 4C hair and it was quite a task just washing and drying her hair. So I asked around and did a little research to see how I could make the process easier and more pleasant for her.


I started to read up on natural hair types and  and some products that made managing those types of hair easier. I wanted to make sure there werent any harsh chemicals used or anything that would damaage her hair


After concocting a few all natural recipes I found several recipes that my daughter and I were pleased with and that had the results we were hoping to achieve.


Now I am PROUD to say my daughter is no longer worried about "daddy not knowing what he's doing"


No knots and tangles when I wash her hair. which is why I thought I'd share some of the great news and great products with everyone,


Hence we bring you Brown's Organix

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